Lionheart Assurance Solutions LP Gets An A+ Rating

Lionheart Assurance Solutions LP is an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means Lionheart Assurance Solutions meets the BBB Accreditation standards and supports the services of the Better Business Bureau. BBB Ratings range from A to F, with the highest rating being an A+. Lionheart Assurance Solutions enjoys an A+ rating.

The BBB’s rating of a business reflects their opinion about the business. This opinion is based on information contained in BBB files and their experience with the business. While a BBB rating isn’t a guarantee of reliability and performance, it should be considered along with other information about the business.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions has earned the BBB’s A+ rating by offering exceptional service with exceptional quality employee benefits solutions. The firm has provided employee benefits plans to over 210,000 clients from over 30,000 North American companies since 1997. Lionheart Assurance Solutions is guided by a senior management team which combines over 100 years of proven business success.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions specializes in providing employers of all sizes with employee legal plans, employee productivity enhancement tools and training, and identity theft coverage solutions. These plans are offered at no direct cost to employers. The price of the peace of mind these plans offer is about the cost of a cup of coffee per day. The affordability of these plans to the employee “levels the playing field” in benefit solutions, especially for small businesses. This gives Lionheart Assurance Solutions a competitive marketing advantage once available only to large corporations.

Employee personal problems can have negative effects on employee productivity. This can potentially affect the bottom line profitability of a company. Lionheart Assurance Solutions legal plans provide employees access to quality legal counsel and professional advice. The training and tools provided through the identity theft solutions give employees the knowledge and the ability to protect themselves and the employer by tightening information security.

Lionheart Assurance Solutions plans have a direct impact on the overall thinking process of employees. Some positives are greater productivity and better relationships between employers and employees. Employees can become focused on helping their company or organization the best in the business instead of focusing on personal problems. This helps to reduce employee turnover and attracts high quality employees.

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