Tired Of Being A Small Fish In A Big Pond? Why Not Change Your Web Strategy?

Get your local business found online automatically by local prospects  with a Market My Business Local Search Engine profile.

The Internet is a vast resource for service providers and shoppers alike. It is easier than ever to find the items you need online. Up to this point the most successful business model for the web has been store-front-less sales and delivery. The web has been less successful for smaller local businesses that have a storefront and wish to draw customers.

The good news is the World Wide Web is constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of its users. More people now use search engines in the same manner they referred to the yellow pages in the past. The search engines have become the ‘New Yellow Pages’ for online users.

Statistics show that two-thirds of households perform an on-line search for a local product or service on a daily basis. This means people are making many of their local buying decisions even before they leave home. How do you position your business so that the locals searching for your service or product can find it online when they search?

When people search the web for local businesses they typically either use:

A. The keyword plus the town or city (imprinted polo shirts + Dallas) or (Italian Restaurant Phoenix Arizona).

B. They also use the zip code and item together (80701 + air conditioning service).

Become a Big fish in a Small Pond! A Market My Business search engine profile will raise your profile on the web.

A real benefit in using the Market My Business service is the ability to tie up additional virtual real estate in Google search results. For example, if both your primary web site and your Market My Business profile show up in the top 10 natural listings, then your business owns 20% of the virtual real estate on the Google search page. Studies have shown that if your business has more than one listing on any given Google search results page that you have a 70% chance of getting your business in front of the client.

Introducing the Market My Business Local Search Engine Profile

A Market My Business Local Search Engine Profile gives small business owner a way to get noticed when their prospects type in local searches. Market My Business Local’s #1 goal is to showcase your profile, get your profile page indexed and ranked by the major search engines. This will increase your traffic to your business.

Who should consider this service?

1) Web-based or E-commerce companies,
2) Businesses that have Multiple or Satellite Office Locations,
3) Companies without websites, and
4) Businesses who need more visibility on the Internet.
5) Network Marketing/MLM participants who are trying to increase their local search profile.

Remember, more and more people are making their decisions where to shop before leaving home. Imagine the increase in foot traffic you could gain by your business showing up in the top 10 search results.

In addition, because your profile resides on the high traffic, highly indexed Marketing site, your profile will get found, ranked and indexed almost immediately. (This will put your new web site on the map faster than anything else you can do.)

Would showing up in the top 10 on Google for search results like this mean anything to your local business?

Local Business Listing… Reach even more local traffic

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How a Local Search Engine Profile Works

A Market My Business Profile, including distribution of your business profile to 25 of the top online local directories is just $59.99 a month (set up fee $100).

Your business receives a customized online search engine profile page, submission to the major local search engines and directories and a major boost in search results from residing in the Market My Business Local business directory. (Some sites start seeing results in 4-5 days due to this.)

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